Obama Disrespects Marines

  • Wednesday, September 24, 2014
  • Source: The Blaze
  • by: Jason Howerton

President Barack Obama caught some heat from his critics on Tuesday after he returned a formal military salute holding a coffee cup in his saluting hand.

Climate Change Push Coming Soon

  • Monday, September 22, 2014
  • Source: CFACT
  • by: Ron Arnold

President Barack Obama will star in next week’s United Nations Climate Summit in New York City, and is expected to push his “climate accord in lieu of treaty” strategy to bypass the necessary two-thirds Senate ratification vote, seeking a “politically binding” deal that would “name and shame” recalcitrant countries into emissions control commitments. But Obama’s speech may not be the most influential performance on the New York stage.

Anti-fracking Crusaders Mob Colorado

  • Thursday, September 11, 2014
  • Source: CFACT
  • by: Ron Arnold

Colorado’s home-grown “ban fracking,” anti-natural gas campaign had already alarmed Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper with its secretive out-of-state funding and activism – including Yoko Ono’s surreal New York City “Artists Against Fracking” – when things suddenly turned immeasurably worse.

Our Golfer In Chief

President Obama admitted on Sunday that he “should’ve anticipated the optics” of golfing just minutes after a sober statement on the brutal beheading of American journalist James Foley by ISIS, noting that “part of this job is also the theater of it.”

Time To Destroy ISIS

Rand Paul is often labeled by his critics an isolationist, but the Republican senator from Kentucky is now calling on President Obama to outline plans to use the military to “destroy” the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

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